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The new  missionary king, televangelist, author, filmmaker and a voice over artist in Ghana.


He is the visionary of kingdom Heralds and Jesus saves program; He is the chief executive officer of Herald Joel Incorporated.

At the age of 17 Herald Joel felt a strong move of Holy Spirit in his life and responded to the call of God upon his life.


‘He was given the conviction that he is been called to bring transformation to souls in the world”

He embraced the calling and there in 2013 begun having divine encounters with Christ and prior that were graced to begin writing excerpts, letters from the scriptures and novels.

Having engaged in so many mission works and soul winning endeavors he is convinced that there is a greater glory than that which any man can attain on earth “the latter cloy”.


He is the brain behind Herald Joel foundation, Herald Joel incorporated, Mind’s eye production/ infotainment. His Other networks includes: Kingdom heralds, preach and live for Christ, I pray, I preach, Oracles chronicle, Oracles psalms


As entrepreneur and multi-talented with a strong Pentecostal background who has been touched so many souls through his works.

To get in touched with him for any services you can reach him via Email: or or you can call him on 0558616982 and on WhatsApp +233(0)574014315

You can also follow him on all social media platforms

Link in Herald Joel

Twitter @Heraldjoel1

Pinterest @herald Joel

YouTube -Herald Joel

Instagram - @Heraldjoel57


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